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  1. Gun Vikström
    Jul 16, 2017 Reply
  2. ok

    minjeong Kong
    Mar 28, 2019 Reply
  3. yes

    minjeong Kong
    Mar 28, 2019 Reply
  4. Hi Pauline!

    I love your stamps–I personally own over 800 of them.

    I recently purchased StampingScrapping, an online store based out of Colorado in the United States.

    I am wondering if I you sell wholesale so that I can carry more current Magnolia stamps in my store. If so, I would love to get more information.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Arline Wood

    I can be reached at:


    Arline Wood
    Jun 12, 2019 Reply
  5. Me gustaría recibir notificaciones, gracias

    Irene González Marquez
    May 4, 2020 Reply
    • Hi Irene,
      Yes, what did you have in mind? 🙂
      Please, if you have lots of questions use the email.
      I will answer here: asa@magnolia.nu

      Best regards
      Johan / Magnolia

      Jul 1, 2020 Reply

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