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Tags: VintageBOX

The dawn of the Orient

Fans of Magnolia Hello I’m going to show you a card made with VintageBOX 5-Blue Bird. It is a heart frame die included in VintageBOX 5.   A very lovely heart South Korea’s traditional colors are white and black.Vintagebox5 has an oriental flavor so Magnolia fans in South Korea were very happy. I tried to… View more

Merry deer

Merry deer

Did you have a happy Christmas? I wish all of you a blessing. Stamp Magnolia- VintageBOX3 magnolia-Merry Christmas[WW13] Dies Magnolia-THE VintageBOX4 Magnolia-DooHickeyBOX12 magnolia-Cocoa Tilda & Snowflurries[CM16] magnolia-Santas Reindeer[AH16] magnolia-Snowflurrie Background[AS16] Good 2016 finish! http://magnoliabyjiwon.blogspot.kr/